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With so many clients, often it is difficult to respond and set appointment times when I am busy making other clients feel and look their best!  The best way to book is through this site! If you are unsure of how, please contact me and I can help you set an appointment- and will show you how for your next visit : )
I often book 2-3 weeks out- If you book an appointment, but would like to come in sooner, let me know, and if I have any cancellations I will contact you.

Feel free to call or text 612-708-2278. *Text message is preferred.

Please understand when booking, my time is valuable, and if you are unable to make it to your appointment I respectively ask for at least 24 hour notice when canceling or rescheduling. If you fail to provide 24 hour notice a 50% cancellation fee of your total service cost will be billed. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment! 

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*For all over color and color retouch services adding a haircut when booking is unnecessary. 

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  • Color

    All color services are now offered with BRAZILIAN BOND BUILDER (B3). For stronger hair, and better color retention, choose the color service with B3!! I highly recommend this amazing product! Color services lift the cuticle layers, B3 reinforces and builds the bonds responsible for sealing those cuticle layers back together. You will see and feel remarkably healthier hair with longer lasting vibrant color when B3 is used. Choose to make your hair healthier with every color service! You can also choose to add the B3 Demi Permanent conditioning treatment with any service. (See below.)
    *Your color total may vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair.
    • Balayage $130
    • Balayage with B3 $145
      A balayage, ombre, sombre, color melt, or hair painting, all refer to a technique used for coloring the hair.  The words are often interchanged and are just slightly different, choose this service if you are looking for any of the above.  (Approximate appointment time 2 hours)
    • Full Foil $130
    • Full Foil with B3 $145
      A full foil consists of placing foils on the entire head. This can be one, or many colors; if you are looking for highlights and lowlights.   (Approximate appointment time 2 hours)
    • Partial foil $110
    • Partial Foil with B3 $125
       A partial foil focuses on the top, sides, and roots of your hair and does not include foils over the entire head.   (Approximate appointment time 2 hours)
    • Accent foils $70
    • Accent foils with B3 $85
      An accent foil consists of approximately 10 foils used to put highlights or lowlights in select locations.   (Approximate appointment time 90 mins)
    • Bleach and tone $130
      This service will get you as blonde as possible and includes B3.
    • All over color $90
    • All over color with B3 $105
      An all over color includes a single process color on your entire hair.  (Approximate appointment time 2 hours)
    • Retouch Color $80
    • Retouch color with B3 $95
      This service includes color applied to the roots as maintenance for your all over color.  I recommend a retouch every 3-6 weeks.  (Approximate appointment time 90 mins)
    • Long/Thick hair, Extra time Add on
      If you have extra thick or really long hair, book this appointment in addition to any service. $15/$30
    • Mens color $45
    • RAINBOW Colors
      Whether you are after a pastel pink, neon yellow, mermaid blue, unicorn or any other fun, unique color please choose this service, and PLEASE indicate what color(s) in the notes when booking.  Also feel free to email/text inspiration photos! : ) Price to be determined by consultation. 
  • Haircuts, Styling, and Add ons

    A good haircut creates confidence, ease, style; it can be life changing. It is essential that your haircut compliments your facial features, your hair’s individual texture and head shape. Styling techniques are discussed during your haircut along with products to help support your style. Hair is washed with scalp massage and finished with blowdry. 
    • Womens Haircut $50
       (Approximate appointment time 45 mins)
    • Bang trim $10
      One Bang trim is complimentary in between haircuts for regular haircut clients. 
    • Mens Haircut $45
      (Approximate time 30 mins)
    • Kids Cut (10 & under) $30
      Children especially need a good haircut. One that compliments their hair texture and lifestyle. Hair is washed and styled with this service. Under 10 years of age please. (Approximate appointment time 45 mins)
    • Kids cut (aged 11-14) $40
    • Blowout $40
      It takes practice and skill to create a beautiful hairstyle, but once mastered it can last for days. Whether you just want a break from styling your own hair or a special event requires a more polished look, this service is for you. (Approximate appointment time 45 mins)
    • Add a braid $15
      Add this service for a braid at the end of your haircut/color service
    • Curls Add on $15
      Add this service for curls at the end of your haircut/color service. 
    • Brazilian Bond Builder (B3) Demi permanant Conditioning Treatment Add on $25
      Instant intensive repair and conditioning benefits that lasts 12-15 washes! This is unlike any other conditioning treatment, it truly restores your hair and adds a natural shine. Add this service to your haircut, blowout or color service.
    • Add a Malibu treatment $25
      A Malibu Treatment is used for the removal of excess buildup in your hair. Hard water and chlorine are very common contaminates that can build up causing your hair to feel damaged and cause your hair to start taking on a coppery or brassy hue. 
    • Formal Style/Updo $80
    • Perm $100
      A perm can be a great option if you want some volume, body or curl. 
    • Waxing

      Brows are all the rage! Don't forget to book your wax service.
  • Bridal

    I offer on-site hair services for your wedding day! For more information and on-site pricing please check out my website!
    • Bridal consultation Free
      Lets chat! Looking to book your wedding date, but your not ready for your trial quite yet? Book this service so we can chat about what you are looking for on your wedding day and secure your date! Please confirm my availability for your date before booking.
    • Trial run $90
      During your trial I am happy to try as many hairstyles as possible to help you find your perfect style for your big day. I am also happy to change your hair before you leave if you don't want your future spouse to view your wedding day style beforehand : ) I recommend bringing your veil if you plan on wearing one, or any other hair accessory you plan to wear including your wedding day earrings! Feel free to bring a bridesmaid, mom, or a friend to the trial if you'd like, and any photo inspiration! 



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